Quick Fire Review: Hearthstone (Blizzard – 2014)

I am a big CCG fan, so I was naturally drawn to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – a free-to-play turn based digital CCG from Blizzard Entertainment that is set in the Warcraft Universe (think simplified Magic: the Gathering with a World of Warcraft skin).

Every aspect of Hearthstone (including visuals, sound, design and gameplay) is meticulously polished and the whole game is crafted to be as user friendly as possible. Unlike other CCG’s, the learning curve is low, which means players can jump right into the fray without having to spend much time getting to grips with complex mechanics.


Building your own decks and pitting them against other players is immensely addictive and great fun, especially when you are trying out new strategies or new cards you may have unlocked through Hearthstone’s crafting system that allows you to break down unwanted cards to build new ones.

Hearthstone is a triumph in every way, and with many expansions to come it will be around for a very long time.

– 8/10

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